Programming is an international thing – both amateurs (like myself) and professionals share their code with others. I don’t know how many people have helped me – but they are many. Thus I felt that if anybody could benefit form work I had to do myself because I just couldn’t pluck off the net, it would be a pleasure. All the units presented here owe gratitude to numerous people! I have done all I can to mention these people, but I may not have been very successful. If I have “stolen” code from anybody I ask their forgiveness, and I ask them to contact me immediately so that wrongs can be rectified.

All the software listed here is free for anybody to use. No warranty imaginable accepted. Use entirely at your own risk.

If you like and use this software, please consider doing some good too.

  • Fast stringlist sorting procedure.
    Delphi’s built in stringlist sorting routine is extremely slow. This one is much faster – without being perfect. Object Pascal unit: FastSortStringlist.txt
  • EditStripHtml. There are many procedures around which can strip a string of html mark-up. However, I haven’t found any with a check for errors in the mark-up. If they encounter an unterminated opening tag they just chop off the rest of the string. This one checks whether any opening tag is followed by a closing tag – and if not, it lets you edit the text.